All our prices are inclusive of parts, labour and vat.

We are pleased to offer quotes on other services and repairs on an individual basis just contact us.

Service type              Unit type                             Price(£)
Full Service Single Axle Touring Caravan £160
Full Service Twin Axle Touring Caravan £180 
Chassis Service Single  Axle Touring Caravan £110
Chassis Service Twin Axle Touring Caravan £125
Pre Purchase inspection    Touring Caravan / Motorhome £125
Habitation service Touring Caravan / Motorhome £125
Damp inspection and report   Touring Caravan / Motorhome £60 
Alde Antifreeze change 5 year fluid Touring Caravan / Motorhome £170
Gas Soundness/Carbon monoxide test    Touring Caravan / Motorhome £60
Call Out Service (includes first 60 mins travel/labour)  Touring Caravan / Motorhome £60
Hourly rate  Touring Caravan / Motorhome  £40
Gas Safety Inspection and Certificate Touring Caravan / Motorhome £75
Gas Safety Inspection and Certificate Static Caravan £75
Gas Boiler Service Static Caravan £75
Gas Safety Inspection and Boiler Service Static Caravan £130
Full Service Trailer/Horse Trailer Single Axle Trailer £110
Full Service Trailer/Horse Trailer Twin Axle Trailer £125